Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rising costs.

Metal prices are at a very high premium indeed at the moment and if you are manufacturing anything at all you be looking at using the very latest technology.
I have more or less come to the opinion that the UK and others have decided to sit back and tax us out of the recession. Why ?
Well we now compete on a global scale and If you can make some thing elsewhere and ship it to the uk that is what will happen.
A government employee I spoke to last week told me that people will not always go for the cheapest option.
When I pointed out that some of these cheaper options are coming with lifetime guarantees I was met with a stony silence.
Working conditions in the emerging economies are not going to be the same as in the west.
I touched on this a few years ago when the current glut of degree holders were being unleashed on the jobs market.
No one was listening then and are probably not now.
Most university graduates I know are making sandwiches at Subway or flicking Burgers at Mc Donalds.
I do feel genuinely sorry for a lot of them because they really did think they were being prepared for a new world where there skills in Social Sciences were needed.
I am afraid not.
What,s the good news. Well you must of shown aptitude for learning something.

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