Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Designed by computers

The following picture is of the con rod and bracket assembled.
The parts are designed by computer with turbocad design software.
The parts can be assembled "virtually" and it is possible to see where the various parts will fit.
Animation is also possible to check for ram stroke and clearances.
Of course this takes slightly longer than how we used to work with paper drawings, But after the initial outlay in extra hours we end up with a design that we can use time and time again with no extra cost.
Very clever INNIT !!!

con rod brackets

very versatile

The addition of a con rod bracket to your dipper arm of the excavator is the only fixed item you need. After fitting the bracket a vast number of attachments can be employed from grabs to concrete puverizors. Watch out for our new design of an attachment for dealing with light iron

con rod brackets

A revolution

Quick hitch fittings have made an enormous difference to the versatility of 360 degree excavators and it is now a push button operation to swap attachments. We design and supply a full range of quick hitch fittings. You can choose from electrically operated or hydraulic types.

Quick hitch fittings