Thursday, 2 June 2011

A competitive edge

Well it is time I explained why I started doing all the typing. Because I have always had my feet in two camps, Demolition and Demolition equipment manufacture. Metal prices for most of my life have remained pretty stable except in recessions. Scrap metal prices have gone through the roof in the last few years and are currently at about £250 per tonne. Now that is only the start of it as the scrap metals then have to be processed melted down rolled etc.

So it stands to reason if you are going to manufacture anything at all you need a competitive edge.

That is where the computer comes in and a bit of kit called a cad program.

Once done in cad you have it forever, make sure you back it up of course.

We use a magic eye profile cutter so once the drawing is printed off it is just a matter of placing the drawing on the table for the machine to follow.

What is the down side then. Well I found it very hard to learn but I was used to doing things the old school way.

If you have been doing some thing one way it is very hard to change .

Implementing new technology whilst running a busy shop Is just not going to happen. Why did I do it.

Well an old mate and brilliant engineer Mike Reynolds died a few years ago virtually penniless and that is hard fact to swallow.

He would never embrace new technology and would not know how to turn a computer on.

Many can not see what learning fairly complex software would do for them but believe me it is worth the effort.

You can sit back easy now as I do not sell any type of cad program but there is loads out there and nearly all offer free trials.

So if you would rather sit and watch tv ok fine but you have been warned.

On bbc tv last week was a leading business man saying that we do not have enough cad and cam engineers. Well I do not need telling twice.

Computer aided design

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